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Summer Staycation: Why a foster pet is great when you’re stuck at home

Foster homes help prepare rescued animals for adoption. Enabling them to receive more attention and increase socialisation in a home environment that they wouldn’t necessarily receive when stuck in a cage or worse, roaming homeless on the streets. Foster homes are a fundamental part of the rescue to rehoming journey to organisations like Itty Bitty Kitty Tails that don’t have a brick-and-mortar facility, therefore, relying heavily on foster homes until rescued cats are adopted. Here are just some benefits to opening your home to a foster pet over the summer:

Refine your photography skills

Taking group pictures with the family with the add-on of a pet is fun and entertaining especially when you add props like toys and cute outfits. TikTok and instagrammable content awaits you!

Boost literacy skills

Studies in schools have shown that children reading out aloud to animals can help boost literacy skills and confidence. A skittish cat that needs interaction can also benefit from being read to, in a calm setting as it helps them to develop social skills giving them a better chance at being adopted.

Get creative

There is a range of DIY games and puzzles that you can make at home, providing hours of stay-at-home entertainment for adults, kids, and pets. Homemade toys are inexpensive and can be made from household items.


A soft blankie, your favourite snacks and an animated Disney or Pixar movie is all you need to create some downtime. Some cats can become engrossed watching colourful and quick-moving objects on a screen, providing mental enrichment and excitement. Be careful not to allow the cat to pounce on the TV!

Build a cat castle

Cats love boxes, so keep those Amazon delivery boxes for building a cat castle. Trim the edges, cut holes and paint in colourful colours. Once built, watch how the cat will play pee-a-boo and jump in and out the holes, providing much humour for the whole family.

Create a world kinder to animals

Children are more likely to enjoy healthy relationships with animals throughout their lives when taught safety around pets. Educating them about animal welfare, adoption and spay and neuter is instrumental in curbing animal overpopulation and cruelty. The youth of today are the future animal owners, we must raise a better generation of people to create better lives for animals now and in the future.

Join our community today and foster to save a life: Every foster home equals one more space, and by extension, one more cat saved. Head over to our Foster FAQ section for details on how you can save a life this summer.


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