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5.5 yrs. spayed & neutered


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Alfie and Annie will make great companion pets for a Senior owner. They are both Arabian Mau’s, low shedding as they don’t have an undercoat. Both are in excellent condition, healthy, friendly, and intelligent enough to help with tasks around the house! They LOVE to lounge around and watch TV and are usually close by their owners. They are streetwise, once they have become used to their new territory (about 6 weeks), they can go outside, and they usually stay very close to the home. Anyone living near main roads/train tracks shouldn’t apply, as there will be very careful location checks carried out before the adoption is agreed upon.

We’d like to keep Alfie and Annie, however, if two amazing homes are available, we will consider separating them, although keeping them together would be our first choice. Read on to find out more about their personalities…

About Alfie

Sporting a delightful ginger moustache, with a personality to match; he is mellow, relaxed, and friendly. He is exceptionally gentle and well mannered, with no bad habits. Alfie has a sort of old-fashioned politeness about him, and one thinks of him as a benevolent chairman of his siblings or an old buffer of a colonel who was good with his men when he was in command! Maybe it’s the moustache.

Alfie is keen on sitting in your lap and letting out deep healing purrs. He almost considers it his right, and amongst his siblings, it is accepted that he has first dibs on his hooman’s lap. He enjoys his daily trip outside, but he’s not obsessed with it, and he never goes very far during the day and is often home and waiting for his snacks before lunchtime.

He is in excellent health, well trained in the house and an expert lap hugger. His interactions with Annie are companionable and mellow. When the weather is a little cooler (it does happen in Dubai!), they like to hang out in their bedroom snoozing in their comfy kitty beds near each other rather than venturing outside. Alfie is a very mellow chap, not much ruffles him, and even encounters with other neighbourhood cats are treated with equanimity and polite curiosity.

About Annie

Annie was the only female in her litter and therefore, been overpowered by her siblings most of her life. She is much smaller in size compared to Alfie, but pretty and plump! Surprisingly agile and quite brave. She will wait patiently for her turn for cuddles. She can be timid and often gives new people a wide birth. She will need some time to come out of her shell in a new environment and often looks to her sibling for comfort, hence why we’d like to keep Alfie and Annie together.

Once settled, she wants to be loved and craves attention and find any excuse to approach her favourite hoomans for some cuddle time. She loves to have her head and the base of her tail scratched and will give gentle licks on the hand to her favourite playmates.

Annie can go outside, but she rarely goes further than the proverbial ‘nearest lamp post’ before swiftly returning to the den. She sometimes sits on the window ledge just outside the den and observes and goes no further. She will join her hoomans in the garden and loves rolling around in the grass.

Annie and Alfie are very mellow together, especially when the rest of their larger brood are out on patrol in the neighbourhood, you will often find them snoozing nearby each other in one of their beds. Although both cats are naturally fairly mellow they both enjoy playing with teaser toys like feather wands when their bigger and more boisterous brothers are out of the way.

Other cats: No, we’d like Annie and Alfie to be adopted together, but not essential.

Dogs: No.

Kids: Alfie maybe, but Annie would not do well with young children.

Food: Combination of wet and dry and have routines in place for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snack times. Both LOVE Dreamies…of course! Currently they have Royal Canin on demand throughout the day and particularly like the Dental variety (no wonder they have good teeth). Alfie also likes Acana Chicken and they both enjoy daily treat of Felix wet food pouches (meat in jelly) – ½ a pouch each morning and evening.

Routine: They are let out in the early morning and come in for breakfast. They then go out again in the mid-morning and then drift back in during the day. Normally they are both home by early afternoon, if not already curled up somewhere napping but can drift in at any time up to about 4 pm, dinner is served at 5pm. They then go to their room for the evening and night. This routine is repeated every day. They are used to it and happy with it.

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