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5.5 yrs. Neutered Males


For adoption anywhere in the UK

About Archie (Ginger and White)

Archie’s a good-looking cat and his distinguished feature is when he sits down, he has a lovely heart shape of white fur on his back that is very appealing. He is a good-looking cat. He is a happy go lucky cat, very affectionate but also moderately independent.

Archie likes to go out and often stays out for several hours during the day, but he always comes home and almost always by the early afternoon (snack time!). He must know how to tell the time as he’s home just as it hits teatime, he is never one to miss out on the food!

Archie is an agile, fit cat who likes to play, and initiates play for himself with a ping pong ball or hairband. He is not aggressive, but he can defend himself when confronted by other cats. He and Mattie are best friends. He is very affectionate towards his hoomans and his best buddy Mattie and purrs like a lawnmower. He is perhaps the best purrer of the whole ‘Purr Collective’ – his 5 brothers and sister, which is saying something! He does good blinks and good nose touching with his favourite hooman to show his affection and will sit beside you and purr for hours. When over-stimulated in playtime he can be a bit over-excited with nipping of fingers and grabbing which younger children may not like, it’s all done in jest as “love bites”. But he takes a little light push back in his stride. If Archie were a young man, you would not mind your daughter bringing him home as her prom date!

About Mattie (All Ginger)

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Mattie is a rambunctious, massively confident, over-bearing alpha cat. BUT… Big BUT… He has a huge personality. He is a funny, loyal, affectionate, playful, energetic, talkative, very interactive, and handsome cat. You can hold full conversations with Mattie which makes him so special. As far as Mattie is concerned there is no such thing as too much people time which would make him great with older children.

Mattie is the half-brother of Archie and is 6 months younger. He is a fit and strong, 7kg bundle of muscle and energy. He is always dashing around and getting his nose into something. But strangely, he is quite easy to handle. If you pick him up, he will just go floppy in your arms and purr … and purr … and purr some more. If you admonish him, he knows he has done wrong. He might do whatever it was again, but he knows he is on thin ice.

He loves to go outside but does not roam far and is always home for breakfast and dinner. Mattie and Archie like sitting in the garden, especially when they can join their hoomans on the patio or fool around in the garden. He loves being around his people, and despite his Dennis the Menace act, you will love spending time with him too as he exudes boundless energy and enthusiasm for life.

Kids: Teenage +

Other cats: Archie and Mattie will be adopted together and join a family without other cats.

Dogs: No.

Food: They are let out in the early morning and come in for breakfast. They then go out again in the mid-morning and then drift back in during the day. Normally they are both home by early afternoon but can drift in at any time up to about 4 pm and dinner is served at 5 pm. They then go to their room for the evening and night. This routine is repeated every day. They are used to it and happy with it. Mattie just loves food so isn’t too picky. Both are fed, Royal Canin and love the dental variety which helps keep their teeth strong, this is freely available all day. They also love Felix meat in jelly and have half a pack each twice a day as a treat – breakfast and supper.

Rescue Story:

Mattie was rescued with other litter mates, who sadly died. He was then adopted out as a kitten but had an unfortunate adoption experience as a young cat and became dangerously ill, but thankfully was treated in time and survived, and thrived and is now almost indecently healthy.

Archie was part of a litter of kittens that were born in an industrial estate in June 2016. All the kittens including the mother were rescued and taken to the vets for safety and health checks. Archie had a bad chest infection when he was rescued and a lot of antibiotics were needed to make him better, this also turned his teeth a bit yellow – but his teeth are in good condition. His purr sounds a bit wheezy, perhaps due to this kittenhood illness, but he is a super fit & healthy cat now. The mother was rehomed separately, and the intention was for the rescuer to rehome the kittens too. Sadly, due to the crisis of the overpopulation of Cats and Kittens in the UAE, they got older and bigger they were overlooked. Therefore, they’ve remained with the family until now.

5 and ½ years, neutered male and spayed female, microchipped, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV Negative and dewormed

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