Purrfect Gentleman & Companion

5.5 yrs. neutered male



Artie will make a great companion pet for a peaceful household. He is an Arabian Mau and low shedding as he doesn’t have an undercoat. He is in excellent condition, healthy, friendly, and intelligent.

Artie is exceptionally sweet natured, gentle and well mannered, with no bad habits. He is a slim elegant cat with an exceptionally long tail which he can wrap almost 2/3rds of the way around his body. He has a pretty face with a sweet ‘smudgy nose’ according to his Hooman mom (but she is biased). Artie is a shy cat and will be nervous around new people initially, but once you have his trust he’s incredibly loyal and companionable.

He LOVEs to lounge around close to his owners and purr and purr and purr. He will sleep on your feet all night if you let him and sing you a very mellow purr song to sweeten your dreams. He has a sweet small meow and loves to play with a hairband which he will play fetch with and bring it (almost) back to your feet. He’s also a world class ping-pong ball football player and can dribble the ball around his owners open plan living area for ages – Renaldo beware!

Artie is streetwise, and loves to roam. He will go out and stay out for hours – from dawn until dusk if allowed. Often his owners have to go out with his cat carrier and fetch him home, this has almost become a game for him and he always comes when called and always runs to meet his owners at the same spot nearby their home. Once in his carrier he purrs all the way home (clearly he loves the Sedan chair ride and the one-to-one attention).

However, it is strongly recommended that any new owners keep him at home for at least 8 weeks until he is really bonded with them. Also due to his slim build and athletic nature he can Houdini his way out of very small gaps that our other cats can’t get through, so new owners should be careful about open windows and vents.

Anyone living near main roads/train tracks shouldn’t apply, as there will be very careful location checks carried out before the adoption is agreed upon.

Other cats: Not sure, he is used to living with 4 siblings but is untested with cats he is not related to.

Dogs: No.

Kids: Probably not due to his sensitive and shy nature. Certainly he would not do well with young children, he might make a good companion for an older child who is very calm and gentle.

Food: Artie is not a picky eater but he’s not very interested in food, when he’s upset he needs gentle encouragement to concentrate on his food long enough to eat it and will reward a gentle stroke with a deep rumbling purr even when eating. He does really enjoy Felix wet cat food in jelly, especially when his hoomum picks out the nice jelly bits on a fork for him to eat – then he purrs like a train. Artie eats a combination of wet and dry and has routines in place for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snack times. He LOVEs Dreamies…of course and this is a great way to get his attention when needed! Currently he has Royal Canin on demand in his room and particularly likes the Dental variety.

Routine: He is let out in the early morning with his siblings, they all come in for breakfast, sometimes Artie does and sometimes we don’t see him again until 5pm and we have to go out and fetch him home. All our cats are kept in overnight for their safety, the 5 siblings live together in their room. This routine is repeated every day. They are used to it and happy with it.

Rescue Story:

Artie was part of a litter of kittens that were born in an industrial estate in June 2016. All the kittens including the mother were rescued and taken to the vets for safety and health checks. The mother was rehomed separately, and the intention was for the rescuer to rehome the kittens too. Sadly, due to the crisis of the overpopulation of Cats and Kittens in the UAE, they got older and bigger they were overlooked. Therefore, he has remained with the family and his family until now.

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