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10 yrs. & 6 yrs. spayed females


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Ashek (10 years old) and Dallaa (6 years old) have a special bond and want a family to pamper them. They and their 3rd sibling were left behind by their late owner who tragically died a few months ago. Their sibling has since been adopted so these two must remain together. Perfect for someone who is looking for easy going and calm kitties. They still like to play and can be talkative to their favourite hooman and welcome cuddles but on their terms. They would be suitable for a quiet, relaxed home as they are jumpy with loud noises and without any other animals and children. Read on to find out more about their personalities.

About Ashek (White) - Ashek is the more affectionate one and makes the best WFH buddy. Every so often she needs her hooman's reassurance and will approach them for some cuddles and attention - gentle paw taps and a little can you resist!

She is your morning does of oxytocin (the cuddle hormone) as she is the first one to jump up on your bed for precious cuddle times! Setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual would be advisable so you can make the most of it!

Ashek is the dominant one of the two and sometimes chases her little sister away, but this is done in jest and doesn't happen too often. She is a confident cat and will soon seek out where 'her nook' is in the new home as she will want first dibs!

About Dallaa (White/grey)- Dallaa is inquisitive and curious, and will be the first to check if there's anything for her in the grocery bags when you come home! She's an affectionate kitty, but on her terms.

When rescued and placed in a foster home, it took her a little longer to settle in and recover from the trauma of losing her owner. She is now settled and is welcoming being approached and touched. She will come and sit on your lap when she trusts you. Dallaa will sleep or sit near you initially and sleep on the bed, but not next to you at night.

Dallaa enjoys the company of people and often follows her hoomans around the house as they go about their day.

Playtime: They both like playing with toys, particularly at night. It would be best to scatter their toys around so they can hunt and find them during the day. They both go crazy for a laser pointer, providing they are rewarded with food straight after!

Their ideal home would have initial patience to allow them to settle into their new surroundings, have the time to interact with them as well as being able to provide a calm and quiet home. It is important they have a stable home that can provide for them as they become seniors.

Grooming and upkeep: Both need to be brushed often and periodic grooming is advisable. Ashek welcomes being brushed but Dallaa can get finicky at times.

Kids/other animals/dogs: No

Food: Neither of them are interested in wet food. They seem to prefer Royal Canin Mature dry food which is left out for them to graze on throughout the day. They currently have an automatic pet feeder that goes off 3x per day which leaves them with a constant food supply. They both eat small portions and have a water fountain set up for them.

Litter: Top entry and a front entry - clumping clay litter unscented, fine-grained for their precious paws! Dallaa had litter box issues in the early stages of her rescue which was purely stress-induced, this has now been resolved but it is something to be aware of to manage stress for the cats when settling into a new home

Rescue story: Rescued with their third sibling out of a home of a lady who tragically had died suddenly.

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