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The Devoted Mother

2-3 years old, spayed female


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Betty was dumped in the community park along with 3 of her three kittens. It took weeks for her rescuers to gain her trust until she was rescued. She was found without a tail and a seeping abscess on her back/base of where the tail would have been. It remains a mystery of her tail being deliberately chopped off, encountered because of an accident, or amputated. She has encountered a tough start in her life and was distrusting humans.

Betty and her babies were taken to safety so she could have a safe place while she finished weaning her kittens. Her Kittens, Bradley & Blaze and Bianca have since been rehomed in England.

Sadly, Betty has her teeth removed due to an infection and dental issues, these have now been treated and a thorough dental check has been carried out by her rescuers, so she is ready for her adoption.

On the bright side, Betty is learning to trust and formed a close bond with her foster mummy who’s invested time and patience in gaining her trust – an excellent transformation! She never knew that head scratches could be such bliss. She loves getting head massages and will demand this from her foster mum before bedtime and as soon as she’s awake in the morning – setting your alarm 15 mins earlier would be advisable for those precious morning snuggles!

Betty's favourite place is the bed – after all, a pretty girl needs her beauty sleep! She loves to sleep close to her foster mum but is still learning she is safe, so is a little cautious if there are any unexpected movements. Betty is truly a resilient cat who despite being through so much and in so much pain, never abandoned her kittens. Her lovely green eyes look for love but are tinged with a little wariness because of how she has been treated previously by callous humans.

The ideal home will be quiet and calm, without children. She would make a great companion for a single person or a mature couple. Prior experience with cats would be desirable but not essential as Itty Bitty Kitty Tails will provide you with guidance should you need it. Someone who has some experience with abused cats and can be patient and caring while Betty fully blossoms into her personality.

Food: Royal Canin Fit Dry and Applaws wet tuna. Betty loves food and is not fussy.

Litter: combination of open and closed litter box, crystal litter.

Other cats: yes, she is currently in a multi-cat foster home with 5 other cats

Dogs: No

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