Fully charged kittens!

7 & 9 months old, spayed females*


For adoption anywhere in the UK

There is nothing that comes in between these two BFFs – except a smelly tuna treat! They were rescued at different times and since become the best friends and bonded with endless energy and bring life into any home and an energic home would be ideal! Talkative, affectionate, gentle and playful, what more could you ask for? Read on to find out how they could join your family.

Since being a kitten is the aim of the game, they are busy most of the day and will seek out humans for humour! They are affectionate, but not yet the full-on lazy hoarder, although this is yet to come as they grow up. Betty loves everything in life, her sister, her toys, her hoomans and food of course! Sophie on the other hand can be a little nippy and give love bites when over-stimulated but this could be because she’s going through that teething stage; this can be discouraged with moving away and stopping all interaction, she’s learning and will soon grow out of this.

About Betty (black and white):

Betty is the older sister at 8 months old and she will be the ray of sunshine in your home. Active, yet mellow when it’s time to take herself off for a nap. She seeks out Sophie and they can play with each other until both tires out and fall asleep. She is less of a lap cat than Sophie. She is also quite mothering to her sister.

About Sophie (Tortie)

Sophie wants to be loved and craves attention. She finds any excuse to approach her foster family for some cuddle time. She loves to have her head and the base of her tail scratched and will give gentle licks on the hand to tell you she loves you back but can be a little nippy at the moment because she is teething. She looks to Betty for confidence and will be in the close vicinity of whatever she is doing. Sophie hasn't been spayed yet, but she will be before she is joins her furever family.

The ideal family would be a family with kids or a nice couple working from home that can provide an enriching environment and is a growing family.

Kids: Yes.

Indoor only – they would need to remain as indoor-only cats unless there is a catio built in the garden.

Other cats: Yes, Betty and Sophie were introduced after being rescued. They could go to a home with other cats should careful introductions be carried out.

Dogs: No.

Food: A bowl of dry food is always at her disposal in the kitchen anytime. A pouch of wet food is given each morning as she's a big wet food lover. Royal Canin for both food. A mix is done between kitten and adult dry food. Wet food: RC kitten.

Litter: Clumping clay in a covered box – they have 2 boxes placed in the guest bathroom.

Rescue Story:

Betty turned up with her siblings in a community where the residents look after them – we suspect this was deliberate dumping. However, after a few weeks, her siblings disappeared overnight due to a resident complaining about the cats, something that happens often, and pest control are called in to exterminate the cats. Upon a veterinary check-up, it was discovered that she had a blood infection which was successfully treated with a few weeks of antibiotics. One of the guardians from the community took her home to save her from a potential horrific end. A few months later Sophie turned up as only a 5-week old kitten suffering a dog bite, it is suspected she may have been used as dog bait. She was fully treated, recovered and placed in the same foster home with Betty where they bonded immediately and have been inseparable ever since.

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