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Here for the cuddles

2.5 years old, spayed female



Bi is a super loving and playful girl, who would love to be someone’s one and only. She has bonded to her favourite peeps! She wants all the attention like the princess she is! She loves snuggling up in bed with you, and getting under the duvet where she will happily sleep all night.  

She is a little nervous with new people at first, but once she gets to know you she is chatty and playful and loves being fussed over.  She isn’t a fan of being picked up, but we have been working on this and she has massively improved. She would rather hop on you off her own accord than to be fussed or for you to get down to her level! Once settled and bonded she has the loudest purr and you can actually see her smiling! 

She is currently in a multi cat home, and although she can tolerate some of the cats, she would prefer to be the only princess in the house! She would be well suited to a quiet home where she can be the centre of attention. 

Bi loves to climb, and is a fit, strong and active cat. She loves to chase her toys and anything with a bell or a string is her favourite - she will often be seen carrying her favourite toy around in her mouth! 

She is fully house trained, and eats any dry food, but prefers a protein heavy wet food. 

She has recently been vet checked and given a clean bill of health. She is a stunning cat with a lot of love to give

Outdoor access: She LOVES the catio where she can watch the world go by from a safe distance, the ideal home will be willing to secure the garden so she can still explore the outdoors.

Kids: 12+

Dogs: No, although we feel she would like a four-legged friend to play with. The dog would need to be used to being wiht cats and careful introductions are essential.

Other cats: She has been living in a multi-cat household since she was a kitten. However, as she has grown up, it has become aparent that she would prefer to be in a home that has less cats or to be the only princess in the house. Careful introductions, with a submissive cat would be essential as Biance has a dominant personality.

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