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The Nosey Neighbour

7 yrs. neutered male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Billy is the feline male equivalent to Mrs Bouquet. He is the nosey kitty who will want to know what his hoomans are up to as well as checking in on the neighbours should he see an open door! Billy is a friendly and approachable kitty who likes exploring his surroundings and is very adventurous as he thoroughly enjoys climbing up trees. Billy is a cat like no other, his social personality will bring much joy to a family as he likes to watch TV, interact with playtime as well as join his hoomans on a leisurely walk. Once he knows his route, he will occupancy his hoomans for walks in the park where he’s encountered dogs and usually steers clear of the bigger ones, but he’s fine with smaller breeds. However, should he spot another kitty he will be sure to assert his dominance. Therefore, a home without any other felines is most desirable.

Billy’s interactions with people are always pleasant as he enjoys snuggling and playtime. He’s a little fearful of children approaching him too quickly so a home with older kids would be preferred (over 10 years). He is a super smart kitty like most Arabian Mau breeds, they learn very quickly, we suspect he will settle and transition into his new surroundings smoothly. He’s got a loud meow and will often talk and hold conversations with his favourite hoomans. Despite, being seven years old and a couch potato, he would like his collection of toys and brain-stimulating toys will be essential for Billy, or even a lively household so he can choose who he wants to interact with. During the day, he is fine to be left alone, so he can nap without disturbances. Billy loves to knead his paws on his hoomans as a sign that he is content and loves you…such a big baby!

He is fully house trained, never had any issues when using the litterbox.

The ideal family will interact with Billy and allow him to enjoy the outdoors in a safe garden and away from any main roads/train tracks.

Billy’s never shown any aggression, except fear induced and this is usually when he needs to go to the vets in a crate. We’d recommend crate training ahead of any vet appointments.

Kids: 10+ years, that respect boundaries with pets

Dogs: Small breed, that has been used to cats. Careful introductions are always essential

Food: Free-fed Royal Canine dry food, wet food (anything fishy) is fed twice a day. He will never finish all his food in his bowl and prefers to drink running water, will often run to the tap! Or loudly demand he wants you to turn on the tap, therefore a water fountain would be advisable. He will do anything for Dreamies…of course!

Rescue Story: Billy was found roaming the streets of Dubai at approx. 2 years old when an ex-pat couple took a shine to him. Billy followed them home and hasn’t left since. The reason he is being rehomed is due to a change of circumstances for his current parents’ schedules and can no longer give him the enriching environment he deserves. Therefore, Billy’s adoption will be a home-from-home transition.

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