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Beau Garcon with sweet voice and loving nature

5 years old, neutered male


For adoption anywhere in England

Caribou (bou)

His name comes from a Caribou Café in Dubai which he had made his home prior to rescue.

He had been sadly dumped in a community area by a family who left the country. His friendly and calm character was loved by regular guests. He was rescued when he caught a horrible cold. His foster noticed immediately that Caribou belongs in a loving home.

One-eyed Beau Garcon & Sweet voice

Caribou’s right eye is blind and doesn’t function - a sad result of surviving a street fight.

But it doesn’t make him any less handsome. In terms of character, he is polite and respectful, calm, smart and, above all, very patient. He loves his naps, cuddles, and climbing onto your lap.

He meows with a high tone voice and almost sounds like a humble kitty when he wants a cuddle or to eat.

He absolutely loves cuddles. However, sadly it seems he suffered abuse when homeless. Hence, sometime when you try to cuddle him when standing (i.e., by looking down him), he would step back. However, when you sit and cuddle, his face immediately melts, and he starts purring.

Hiding away

His favorite “Hide Away” venue is in a drawer! Although he has sometimes been spotted by his foster under the sofa cover. If he finds an open drawer, he loves to sneak inside and take a long nap – Or perhaps he is retreating there to meditate instead!

When he is in “Hide Away mode”, he won’t reply to you even if you call out to him many times. He does not want to be disturbed!

After a few hours (or even half a day), he will emerge for food or the toilet.

So, don’t panic, you will just need to respect this gentleman’s hide away time.

Well Mannered

He is a very well-behaved and mild mannered cat. He hardly scratches other than the cat tree or a scratch box. He also loves his fishing rod toy and plays with it, before resting and sleeping near you. Lately, after months of being in a safe foster house, he started playing more and more gradually with his toys, it’s almost like he couldn’t believe for a long time he was allowed to play!

Good with Kids

His mild manner means that he is kind with kids. He is familiar with children thanks to his experience at the cafe when kids would play with him every day.

We have not seen Caribou with dogs yet. But so far, he has shown that he is indifferent to cats in a multi-cat foster house, as long as the other resident cats act in a friendly fashion. A proper introduction would be required if his new home has a cat already.

In good health

Great appetite, regular water intake, good regime. He is 5 years old Fully house and litter trained. All in all, a clean boy. FIV and FELV negative; sterilized; vaccinated.

Caribou is the perfect cat for first-time cat owners or those who want a calm and loving yet independent and confident companion that will chat back at you when he is in the mood to do so. He is known for his kindness and respect towards humans.

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