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Respectful & loving

5 years old, neutered male


For adoption anywhere in England

Caribou had been dumped in a community area, and found his temporary shelter near Caribou cafe in Dubai. Cafe guests always noticed his friendliness, confidence and calmness towards people. He was rescued when he got cold. His foster noticed immediately that Caribou belongs to a loving home. 

Polite, calm, and smart, Caribou is very patient and has shown total courage and patience during the course of his treatment. He loves his naps, or to sit and observe his human quietly with his one perfect eye.

Caribou’s right eye is blind and doesn’t function - a sad result of surviving street fights. But it doesn’t make him any less handsome, he is absolutely perfect and fully functional/aware/ active, and  has his special appearance’s charm.

He loves cuddles and a good hug, he would come and kiss his foster just to say hi, or sleep next to you when you have work to do or watch TV.  

Caribou often responds back when being spoken to with the cutest gentle squeak, and he would loudly remind them when it’s time to have his snacks or dinner. He loves the fishing rod toy and would need a maximum of 10 mins to play, then he would rest and sleep near you.

Great appetite, regular water intake, good regime. He is 5 years old, a fully house and litter-trained and clean boy.

FIV, FELV negative; sterilised, and currently undergoing a vaccination process.

Caribou so far has shown that he is indifferent to cats in a multi-cat foster house, as long as the resident cats act friendly. A proper introduction would be required if the house has a cat already.

Caribou is good with kids from his experience when he lived in the cafe with many kids coming to play with him daily.

We have not seen a Caribou with dogs yet.

Caribou is the perfect cat for first-time cat owners or those who want a calmer and loving yet independent and confident companion that will chat back at you when he is in the mood. He is known for his kindness and respect towards humans.

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