Yin & Yang

1.5 yrs & 9 months, sterilised male and female


Scotland (can be transported anywhere in UK)

Charlie is very attentive and loves his routine especially when it’s feeding time. He is gentle and very flirtatious. Fifi on the other hand is a fire-cracker and will use her hoomans to her humour. Fifi was paired up with Charlie while in the foster home which has allowed his cheeky side to creep through from the confidence he’s witnessed from Fifi. Perfect for first-time pet owners that want some playfulness and wittiness. Needless to say, Charlie is the Yin and Fifi is the Yang! Read on to find out more about each of them.

About Charlie:

Charlie can be reserved initially but seeks out his confidence from his little sister Fifi. He soon becomes comfortable and starts showing his loving side which longs for cuddles and strokes, especially ear tickles.

He loves playing with the cat teaser and generally follows Fifi around since she’s the fun-seeker. They make a good team as Charlie will keep look out for hoomans while Fifi is usually getting up to and into anything she can! He talks quite a lot when he greets his hoomans and will look for a cuddle at any given opportunity. He will certainly let you know when it's dinner time and “needs” treats! He has a generous amount of love to give and a very sweet personality – Once you start to pet him you are going to be late for work!

About Fifi:

Her first love is her older kitty brother Charlie. She adores him! Being a kitten, she is full of energy and excitement about new people and things around her. She rarely tires from playing so she will need a lot of enrichment with toys, puzzles, and interaction.

She is independent and can happily entertain herself as well as rumbling down on her brother to initiate play. They make a great team, except when she steals Charlie’s food – she will sneakily use her little naughty paw to move the bowl away from him!

Fifi LOVES new people and isn’t fearful of much! She’s “accidentally” fallen into the toilet because the lid wasn’t down and gave herself a mini fright but that didn’t stop her from doing it again. She enjoys playing with water, so if she hears a running tap, she will be there in an instant.

Health Status:

Both are fit and healthy. Please note that Fifi was suffering from a kidney stone at the time of her rescue back in February which has been removed and treated, but she must remain on Royal Canin Urinary wet and dry food, both Hills and Royal Canin dry are ok though for wet Royal Canin Urinary S/O is preferred.

These kitties will fit into a home that is looking to welcome a pair of loyal, funny and loving companions into the home. Although they’ve not been around children before, they would be fine to join a growing family.

Kids: Maybe

Indoor only

Other cats: Maybe

Dogs: Maybe

Food: Charlie is fed half a packet of Royal Canin wet food in the morning before work and half a pouch at night before bed. During the day he has a bowl of Hills dry food out.

Fifi is fed a pouch of Royal Canin Urinary S/O wet per day. Split into 2 portions. Around 8 AM and around 9-10 PM. Dry food is always available for them both. They are both on Urinary food – Royal Canin or Hills is fine. Fifi must remain on this for the foreseeable future. Charlie eats the same and isn’t an issue.

Rescue Story: Charlie was found in a Dubai shopping mall car park, likely another victim of being dumped by his owners. He was then rehomed to a family who couldn’t give him the time he needed following a terrible ordeal of being abandoned. He later bonded with Fifi. Fifi was found rolling out of an engine at a petrol station, raging with a temperature and suffering pain from a kidney stone, she was only 5 months old. She has been nursed back to health and craved companionship from another kitty where she bonded with Charlie in her foster home.

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