Spill the Tea, Baby

2 yrs old, neutered male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Felix is motivated by peace and his only demand is a home that will make him feel comfortable. He seeks out fun playtime with his foster and always greets his hooman with some lap cuddles and kisses. Other times, he can be found snoozing in a sunny spot! He’s a one-woman man as he likes to have his hooman all to himself! Felix will vocalise his upset until he gets his own way, usually some chin rubs and some Dreamies tends to do the trick. If you think Felix is the man for you, grab a cuppa and read on to get the scoop…

Sadly, Felix hasn't had the best start in life, he was badly beaten by other cats which made him quite nervous but after some TLC he's very friendly, loves to play and will jump at your toes to tell you he's ready for playtime. He’s happy to entertain himself with puzzles and interactive toys while his hooman is out at work in the office but waits by the door when she is home to greet her and is very vocal as he wants to know all about your day.

He can be quite nervous when your face is too close to his which will put his defences up and you may be met with a nip on the nose or a swat on your face, so do keep this in mind when giving him kisses. Always stroke/pet him from the side at first, once he trusts you then he will let you pet him while facing him. He is a lap cat and enjoys chilling for hours on your lap providing you don’t make any sudden movements; however, he will come and plant himself on you rather than be picked up and placed there.

Felix is affectionate and once he trusts you, you will become his whole world. He will greet you every day with cuddles and kisses. Suitable for a single, mature household that has had some experience with cats before. He likes calm and comfort so a home that doesn’t have too much comings and goings is key. A mature couple without any children would also be considered. He is an indoor only cat, unless you have a purpose-built catio that is secure.

Health status:

Other than being FIV+ he has a clean bill of health and bloodwork results can be presented upon request. Find out more about FIV+ needing loving homes HERE

Kids: No

Indoor only

Other cats: No

Dogs: Maybe

Food: Both wet and Royal Canin Fit 32 dry kibble.

Litter: Clay clumping litter, top entry litter box placed in a spare bathroom.

Rescue Story: Felix was dumped in a community park in Dubai, at the time he was a fully intact male, therefore, causing some upset to the resident cats in the community. During routine checks when getting neutered it was discovered he is FIV+ and so the decision was made not to release him back outside. He has been in a foster home since November 2021.

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