Adorably Curious

1 yr. neutered males


For adoption anywhere in the UK

This bonded duo, reliant on each other and enjoy each other's company. Gimli will soon call for his brother Thorin if he’s out of sight. They would complete any family with their constant cuddles and antics! It doesn’t take them long to warm up to new people, but they can be cautious, to begin with. They are mischievous when they want to be and will push their luck to get away with anything! INDOOR ONLY, suitable to a quiet home. Read on to find out more.

About Thorin:

Initially cautious and protective of his brother and the more dominant out the two. If feeding times are not monitored, he will gobble up his brother’s food. He can be wary of new surroundings but soon warms up. Thorin is constantly surveying his surroundings and will scope out just about anything and everything he can get his paws on to play with. He’s got a track record of pushing boundaries with getting into things and places he shouldn’t be!

Thorin is usually the one to instigate a wrestle with his brother, and usually the case just before settling down for some grooming and naptime. He enjoys watching the world go by from the window and finds a nook he can settle down for a nap. He gives off the older brother protective vibe, except at feeding time when he will try his luck to gobble down Gimli’s food. Therefore, advisable that feeding times are monitored. It doesn’t stop there…Torin will gobble up anything and everything including any leftovers on your plate and crumbs! Sometimes, his foster will need to pry things out his mouth – therefore catifying your home is fundamental.

He loves to be the centre of attention, often letting his hooman’s know he wants to be petted by nesting into your lap- he loves chin scratches. Wherever Thorin goes Gimli is not far behind. He is chatty and will shout at you for food. He will be the first to come out of his shell when meeting new people, his party trick is to flit between people so he can get all cuddles!

Thorin recognises, a clap of a hand as a signal he is doing something he shouldn’t be. Gimli will skedaddle away as soon as one of his hoomans stands up!

About Gimli:

When he first arrived in his foster home, he looked to Thorin for comfort until he felt settled. Fast forward a few months and he is not as shy as we thought. He often winds up Thorin while he is sitting and relaxing, initiating he wants to play. Gimli is the more obedient of the two and soon learns boundaries once they are set, but he often follows Thorin’s lead on mischief. He is less affection seeking compared to Thorin but will come for attention on his terms once he is settled.

Gimli is all game for any sort of interaction and playtime, he is certainly more energetic than Thorin, always ready for a runaround! Gimli loves to squeeze into small places and join his brother for an all-essential nap before the next round of zoomies! He constantly looks to Thorin for confidence and comfort.

The ideal family will be willing to give the kitties some time to settle into their new surroundings and have time to initially bond with them. They are very engaging and affectionate to their humans and have been used to having their hooman with them working from home. They can be left alone for a working day, so adequate toys are essential. Ideally, a quiet and calm environment would be desirable, but they are getting better with noises and like music but not fans of loud noises without warning.

Food: 8:15-8:30 am 1 wet pouch split between the 2 as well as a bowl of 1/4 filled dry food once empty will fill again according to need. Dinner 9 pm 1 wet pouch split. Brand: Royal Canin Kitten gravy/Royal Canin Second Age Kitten.

Kids: Teens+ i.e., a home where there won’t be small toys etc. left around for Thorin to get into his mouth.

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