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If you are looking for a sweet and loving bonded pair of cats to be your babies, then look no further! Casper and Gizmo are big gentle giants who need a quiet home where they can be adored and fussed over.

Both cats are initially shy with new people however once they know you, they’re happy to be picked up and held and will reward you with lots of love and affection.

Gizmo is the lazy one who likes to chirrup and follow you around the house like a puppy, as he loves to be near you as much as possible. He tries to earn his keep by using his perfectly honed hunting skills to search out his toys and bring them to you as gifts, proud as punch and reminding you that he’s far superior to any other living creature.

Casper is the sparkier one who loves to chat with you. Although very nervous of strangers once he warms to you he’s super affectionate making you feel like the most special person in the world. He’s a big teddy bear who loves to be stroked especially on his face.

Indoor or outdoor? Strictly indoor only

Children- Preferably not due to being shy and skittish around loud and sudden noises.

Dogs – No

Other cats – Possibly if the other cat is friendly

Litter- Very good with the litter tray, used to a covered litter tray (ideally 3 between them) using crystals.


Gizmo – can get short episodes of cystitis, requiring a visit to the vet when this happens, which is not often, therefore new owners will have to be proactive in checking litterbox activities.

Casper – due to being taken from his mother too early, he has an autoimmune condition which means If he eats the wrong food, it can trigger an allergic reaction. His strict diet helps prevent such episodes which, if they do occur, are easily resolved with an inexpensive steroid injection at the vets. Casper also tends to vomit at times, and this has been thoroughly investigated with the vet and no obvious cause has been found. It could be related to his allergies and doesn’t bother him.

Diet – Mix of RC Calm and Hypoallergenic dry food, spread over 2-3 servings a day

Temperament – couch potatoes, affectionate and shy, happy to be held and picked up, will sometimes go on your lap, gentle when playing. Never bitten.

Both boys are neutered and microchipped and vaccinated for rabies and other infectious feline diseases

Cats like these two are often desired for their stunning looks but what these boys really need is someone willing to make a serious commitment to their welfare for the rest of their lives. Whilst they are going to require a little more maintenance including regular brushing and a high-quality diet, they are totally worth it for that person who wants a pair of beautiful and loving cats to dote on.

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