The Little Pixie

2 yrs old, spayed female


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Can you be the pixie dust to this little sassy Pixie? Jackie is a curious kitty and you’ll be able to pick up on her vocalisations which are expressed in the form of little chirps and trills reminiscent of little pixie bells! She is shy, but with time she will blossom and show you her belly, but don’t dare touch it! She responds better to females as she’s scared of male figures, maybe from past trauma in her earlier life.

She is playful and likes her toy mice which she will throw up in the air and catch them. Jackie loves watching Cat TV and will often wait near the TV for her favourite videos to play. She likes watching birds and doing zoomies around the home. She is shy with new people, yet independent and playful. You will know when she wants playtime with her favourite toys as she will meow at you until her favourite wand is in your hand.

Jackie likes rubs and pats but will not let you hold her. She isn't fond of cuddling, being held, or kissing. She will accept affection in short doses as chin rubs, on her head and back. She usually keeps her distance.

Jackie will need some time to get to know you and vice versa, which can be assessed by her body language. Being the little pixie that she is, her feisty side comes out sometimes when her personal space isn’t respected. However, she jumps up onto the bed at night time to sleep at the foot of the bed and before you know it, she will be sprawled out with her belly showing and legs up in the air!

Suitable for a female-only home that is willing to be patient with cats and is happy to continue the work on building her confidence and trust. She has been in a foster home for 10 months and considerable progress has been made. She likes the comfort of being indoors so a peaceful home would be desirable.

Kids: No.

Indoor only.

Other cats: No.

Dogs: No.

Food: Jackie is a healthy cat that's on a normal diet. She is not picky with her kibble and prefers her dry food over the wet. She is free fed so grazes small amounts throughout the day. She loves drinking water so there are multiple bowls of water out for her which are replenished twice a day. A water fountain would be recommended as she likes fresh running water.

Jackie's is currently on Regular- Royal Canin dry kibbles. And her wet food is Purina pouches. Her favourite treats are Sheba wet tube treats and Dreamies.

Litter: Clay clumping litter, hooded box located in a quiet area of the home.

Rescue Story: Jackie was found with an injury, and we suspect it was an old injury that needed treatment. Given her timid nature, she wasn’t released back outside once she recovered and was sterilised. She is an Arabian Mau from Dubai.

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