Prefers Taking It Easy Unless There's Treats Involved

3-4 yrs. neutered male



Lenny is an easy-going kitty who just wants his snuggles, and a loving home but most importantly he longs to be a part of a family. He had a tough start in life where he lived in a toxic car park garage in Dubai for many years. He is motivated by food and fun playtime, often seeking to have a great time with his foster daddy with some active play. He’s the purrfect companion kitty for someone who is looking for soothing purrs and pleasant meows.

Lenny’s day usually and routine are in tune with his hooman. He will wake up when they wake up and circle your feet looking for breakfast and then settle for some chin rubs and a conversation while you’re preparing for your day ahead. His foster daddy works from home, during which time he will politely take himself off to his various favourite comfy spots for a groom and settle for hours of snoozing. He knows when his daddy has clocked off from work as he will initiate that he wants to play and have some snacks.

He’s a curious kitty and likes to get to know his surroundings. He likes familiarity and being in a comfortable home. Given some trauma from his earlier life, he fears loud noises and sudden movements. Although he is in a foster home with a male, we suspect he would do better with a female as it took him some time to trust his foster daddy. When around females, he seems much more trusting which could be because his kind carer in Dubai was a lady.

Lenny would do well in a peaceful, calm home that has time to give him attention and some patience in the initial stages of settling in. He would do well in a female-only home or a mature couple with no children.

Kids: No

Indoor: However, he would really enjoy a safe yard that he could explore safely.

Other cats: Maybe

Dogs: Maybe

Food: Lenny loves his wet food (Sheba) and is on a combination of dry kibble which is left out for him throughout the day to graze on. Royal Canine Indoor 27 Dry Kibble. Treats: Dreamies, Felix or anything crunchy.

Rescue Story: Lenny spent much of his early life living in a car park, not a place for a cat to live as it becomes unbearably hot during the summer months and constantly swerving cars. He would run to greet his carer every morning and evening, would even jump in my car, sitting on her lap! He is just desperate for love and company.

Sadly, in the summer of 2021, his carer witnessed a car speeding up towards him deliberately in the car park – it was time to get him out and into a foster home. Sadly, no foster home was available for Lenny in Dubai so he spent 5 months in a cattery before we took in his case and flew him to England. He’s been in a loving foster home in Warwickshire since December 2021 and is now ready for a furever home.

Years of being in a stuffy car park left Lenny with some skin dermatitis as he was in contact with car exhausts, but this has all been resolved.

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