Bonded Pair

2 yrs & 1 yr, sterilised female & male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Maddie is a little heroic lady surviving a broken leg for many months before being rescued. She was then paired up with Batman when he was found crying in distress all alone and scared at only 8 weeks old. Since Maddie was friendly and needed a companion, her rescuers decided to pair them up so they can have each other, plus they look so cute together having almost similar markings. They are hilarious to watch as Maddie will often “mother” Batman by showing him with love and you’ll find them wrapped up and cuddles snoozing once they’ve had the zoomies together.


She was found swerving cars in one of Dubai’s busiest tourist hot spots. She approached her rescuers with purrs and head bunting, not interested in food but wanting nothing more than cuddles. She was picked up, never to be returned to the harsh streets again.

Her personality has blossomed in the last couple of months, becoming cuddlier by the day. Her leg injury has left her with a slight limp when she walks. We believe pets make great companions to children, Maddie’s courage and loving spirit is powerful tool and shows children that it’s OK to be different.

Maddie is the ultimate lap cat, making her one of the most adoptable cats on our page. She is well behaved in her foster home; she entertains herself when she wants to and of course laps up all the attention and cuddles she can get. She makes the best scarf when snuggling.

She would be suitable for any household, with/without children, or an addition to a family already with other cats or a dog. Introductions to other animals will have to be treated with the utmost patience as with any new cat introduction.

Upon carrying out a thorough consultation with the vet, the decision was made not to operate on her leg as it was an old injury that has calcified on itself and healed. To repair the leg would require the bone to be broken and regrafted again and leaving us with a slim chance that the surgery would make a difference. The decision was made not to go ahead as it isn’t causing her any pain or discomfort and she is as able-bodied as any other cat, which does not hinder her from climbing and jumping onto things - requiring no ongoing treatment.


He’s loved having an older cat to learn from and shower him with love. He is also a lap-cat and often they’ll both try and squeeze in for a cuddle together on your lap. He purrs as soon as his human’s lock eyes with him and the first one to come running to the door to greet you. Being in the kitten stage, he finds almost anything entertaining to play with and provide hours of fun to a family looking to adopt their first pets.

Maddie and Batman are fully house trained, loves their food, Maddie is the fussier one but Batman will eat anything he is given. Both eat a combination of wet and dry food.

Maddie is around a year old, spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed. Negative for FIV/FeLV. Batman is microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed and will be neutered before joining his furever family and old enough.

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