Gives hugs & kisses

1-2 yrs. spayed female


For adoption anywhere in the UK

If you are a first-time pet owner and looking to welcome a kitty into your home, then look no further than Mathilde. She is ready to love you back! She welcomes being petted and will nuzzle her head into your hands so you don’t stop and give you some kisses as an indication of her appreciation. Gentle natured and well behaved, not a single bad trait! She should be the model kitty for all cats! Read on to find out more. She is 3-legged but this doesn’t stop her from behaving just like any other cat or getting around. Read on to find out if you could be the lucky person/family for her.

Mathilde loves a chin-wag and will talk to you when you ask her how’s her day while you’ve been out to work! She’s quite the couch-potato so likely she will have slept in various spots around the house, mainly catching the sun rays! She knows when it’s bedtime and will come and cuddle up next to you peacefully until the next morning when her hooman’s are ready to start the day.

She’s not keen on being picked up but will tolerate it, however lap-time in the evening and whenever her hooman’s are chilling is a must! She’s a bit cautious of new people in the beginning but once she learned how to trust you, she would always stay by your side.

The ideal family will be someone who has a quiet and calm environment. Someone who can give time to her and cuddle her – she has an abundance of love to give to the lucky person/family that chooses to give her a home.

Kids: 12+, a quiet and calm home is preferred.

Indoor-outdoor: She has access to a safe garden in a home located away from oncoming traffic and busy roads and isn’t allowed to free-roam. She is supervised in the garden.

Other cats: Yes – She is in a foster home with a resident cat. She is the more submissive one.

Dogs: Maybe – although we have not seen her interact with dogs. Careful introductions would be necessary and a cat-friendly dog.

Food: Mathilde likes her dry food - taste of the wild turkey and is free fed. She loves water so access to a water fountain would be required.

Litter: Clumping clay sand, in a covered box, she has access to two litter boxes in her current foster home. One is located in the guest toilet and the other in the corner of the living room.

Rescue Story:

Mathilde was found by her guardians in a parking lot where she was dumped by her owners, something that happens all the time in the Middle East when Ex-pats leave the country. She had an injury to her leg, likely caused by a collision with a car. Unfortunately, her leg had to be amputated but is still a fully mobile kitty just like any other. On arrival in her foster home, she hid under the bed for the first few days and eventually started to come out to explore her surroundings and her new hoomans who are kind and loving towards her – her trust and faith have since been restored.

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