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Devoted mother & son

2.5 yrs and 10 months, sterilised female and male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Both cats are curious and affectionate. They will follow their hooman around the house to different rooms and enjoy chilling out on the sofa, making them the perfect cuddle-bugs on a lazy weekend. They are playful, often amusing each other and enjoy snooping around in their basket of toys, sometimes bringing them to you to initiate playtime. Read on to find out more about these two easy-going kitties that will slot in perfectly to a loving and caring family…

Despite their tough start in life, Dylan and Minnie are very polite around the home and once settled in for the night they will sleep in until their hooman is awake. Initially, they will need a little bit of time to warm up to a new home, but once settled they are a delight to be around. However, they can be a little skittish around strangers and disappear when there are visitors.

Minnie (black)

Minnie is a bit shyer than Dylan. She will not be picked up and will not sit on your lap. However, she does come up for cuddles and will sit next to you on the sofa or bed.

Dylan (white)

Dylan is a bit more adventurous and can be picked up to sit on your lap.

They would be best suited to a quiet household with patient people who are willing to take some time to get the cats to warm up to them. Ideally, a home without children.

Kids: No

Indoor only

Other cats: Yes

Dogs: No

Food: They are on a combination of wet and dry kibble with a water fountain.

Rescue Story:

Minnie is from a quiet village in the UAE where she led a lonely existence living in an electrical substation since her sister perished and was found by an ex-pat living nearby that fed and watered her daily. She was skin and bones when she was found. She gave birth to two beautiful little kittens and with the help and support of her carer that was keeping them fed and hydrated, she managed to nurse them until they were ready to leave the substation.

Unfortunately, one kitten died with no obvious causes or visible injuries. Her surviving son, Dylan followed mummy everywhere she went. When the winter months set in, it can get quite cold in the desert and so the kitties started to suffer and Minnie started showing signs of discomfort when eating, it was later discovered she had a broken tooth which has been removed.

The young children in the village would taunt them and throw stones at and through the substation as a source of entertainment which made them feel scared and vulnerable.

The ex-pat couple who cared for them were persistent and managed to get the kitties to the vets for treatment and rehoming. Unfortunately, they couldn’t take them in as they have several rescues already.

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