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Clingy, but adorbs!

1.5 years old, spayed female. Very slight CH


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Who needs an alarm clock, when you have Muteena to make sure you are never late for work ever again! She isn’t disruptive but she will know you are awake and that’s when she will expect her breakfast to be served up. Expect a lot of wobbly bunting, she is very slightly CH (cerebellar hypoplasia, is a condition where a kitten's brain does not finish growing and remains in an immature state). This means she has a slight wobble when she is walking, but does not affect her day to day activities or hinder her life as a healthy cat.

Muteena loves to initiate play with her hoomans, she will hide around a corner and wait for you to walk past so she can jump out in front of you to tell you it’s time if a game of hide and seek! Other times, she will find a quiet spots around the home to sleep and is pretty much a lazy potato!

She doesn’t mind being pick up and carried around, or cuddled up with her favourite peeps for some chill time. She can however be a little nippy when playing, this isn’t aggressive it’s just when she is overstimulated she will play back with your hand. Therefore, we don’t think she would be suitable to a home that has children. She likes all types of toys and this can be redirected to giving her some toys she can chase around and catch.

When meeting new people, she is confident once she has sussed them out. She likes a quiet home, one which will not have sudden loud noises or disruptions. She will need to be comforted when loud fireworks are taking off, as this really scares her (as with most animals).

She is a great cat for a home that is looking for a chilled yet entertaining kitty. Ideally a home that is calm and quiet and one which can provide her with all the enrichment indoors. She is fine to be left alone during a working day.

Health: She is in great health, very slightly CH which does make her a little clumsy at times.

Kids: No.

Indoor only.

Other cats: We have tried Muteena with one cat earlier on in her rescue but sadly it didn’t work out. Therefore, we would recommend that she is the only cat.

Dogs: We have not seen Muteena with dogs.

Food: Royal Canine Indoor wet and dry. Dreamies for treats

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