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Maine Coon mix with gentle heart

2 years old, neutered, male


Pashmak, a stunning Maine Coon

Meet Pashmak, a stunning Maine Coon mix whose name means "cotton candy" in Persian, a nod to his fluffy, soft fur.

Found in August 2022 as a small, vulnerable kitten outside in the extremely hot weather in Dubai, Pashmak endured a rough start. He was discovered with cuts and scratches, evidence of attacks by other cats, unable to defend himself. The picture of him just being rescued saved in the carousel, we kept it to show how much he grew up and blossomed!

Despite his ordeal, Pashmak's spirit remained unbroken, and his purrs never ceased, earning him the title of a true "purring machine."

After being rescued, Pashmak was lovingly nursed back to health and introduced to a pack of fellow doggies who quickly accepted him. His recovery was a joy to witness, and he soon found what seemed to be a perfect home with a canine brother. However, fate took another twist, and now, two years later, due to unforeseen changes, Pashmak needs a new family to call his own. His previous owner, mostly focused on dogs and facing a busy schedule, couldn’t provide all the attention Pashmak deserves.

Pashmak is a gentle giant with a big heart. He loves his meals and is always eager for playtime. Though he can play a bit rough with smaller dogs, he has shown no aggression towards them or other cats. While Pashmak isn't typically a lap cat, he does have his affectionate moments. He occasionally seeks cuddles and will gracefully allow you to hold him—though he might wiggle free when he's had enough. His most affectionate times are early in the morning or in the evening when he’s hungry. Pashmak enjoys drinking from his water fountain and loves playing with his favourite toy, a mouse adorned with feathers and filled with catnip.

We are looking for a loving, attentive family that understands the needs of a big, playful cat like Pashmak. He is ready to fill your home with love, purrs, and a bit of feline mischief. We anticipate that having a large cat friendly dog might be great for Pashmack.

If you have a place in your heart and a space in the home to run and play around for this beautiful boy, or know someone who might, please reach out.

Let’s give Pashmak the forever home he truly deserves, filled with love, play, and plenty of cuddles.

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