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True Survivor

3 yrs. Spayed female


London (can be transported anywhere in UK)

Her early life does not bear thinking about given the condition she was found in. Sliced open from her ear to nose taking out an eye. She was covered in her filth, dirt and dried up blood for many days. – with two kittens in tow who have since been rehomed in England. She was found cowering in a corner and needed special assistance to retrieve her to get urgent medical help. She’s used up a few lives to be where she is now.

Rosalita is a great companion kitty for humans and her own kind. She is currently in a foster home with multiple cats which required no introduction and loves to get up to all sorts of mischief, she is the instigator most of the time. Her favourite prank is to pry on the frogs and fishes in their tanks, sometimes pretends to act a predator by drinking water from the tank but never harms them – given the chance we think she would. Her pest control qualification is at an expert level, but that doesn’t apply to self-control! She is everywhere, on everything, in everything and up everything and under everything ready to surprise you as you walk past.

She is curious about her surroundings, needs to know what you are doing and how you are doing it and makes notes for later… keep the bin firmly locked as she hasn’t outgrown her smelly cat antics, often goes rummaging to see what’s in there to munch on or simple dribble around the house as playtime. Her early life was spent surviving on scraps of food from bins, unfortunately.

Don’t expect her to be a lap cat (has the potential to be), but she will come and snuggle with you while observing social distancing! She will allow you to come close to her when she has established a safe bond with her humans, this is a kitty who was severely abused at the hands of humans so gaining trust takes time and her human would have to respect this, once bonded it is rewarding. She will circle your legs and rub her head against you as a token of appreciation, but absolute trust must be established first to be able to reach out for physical affection – she still flinches when a hand approaches her too quickly.

The ideal home will have to fully understand her past and provide her with an enriching environment as she’s an energetic and inquisitive cat. Therefore, a large home where she can run up and down stairs, or a catio is essential. We are looking for a home where she can explore the outdoors or a safe garden that Is escape-proof. A home with a safe outdoor space will be given preference, to allow her to live her life to the fullest.

Other cats: She would need to join another cat or a multi-cat home as a must.

Dogs: We have not seen her with dogs, but we suspect she would welcome another 4-legged friend who is cat friendly and doesn’t mind the occasional game of tag!

Children: Over 14 years old, not young children.

Health: Rosalita is 2 years old, spayed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative, some teeth have been removed due to decay, one eye and one and a half ear (exceptional hearing). Overall, good health.

Food: Wet and Dry food.

Litter: Hooded box, clumping sand.

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