Bold as brass

1.5 yrs and 10 months, neutered and spayed male and female



These two will be sure to keep anyone on their toes! Endless laughter and animation add life to your home. Rescued at different times but became bonded in their foster home and have become inseparable since. They’ll require a home with space and enrichment so they can exert their energy. They are very people orientated with a generous dose of feline curiosity. Suitable to a home with older children or adults only as Saki likes to be a bit of a nibble when overexcited.

You will always see them together, usually getting into or up to something they shouldn’t be! Barbie is the more independent one and will give or take cuddles at her convenience, but she can be easily carried around…for a short while. Whereas Saki will actively seek out a lap and some cuddle time. When they have their zoomies they are like a ball of fire, and nothing will get in their way! Given that they are still young, they are energetic and will liven up a home with endless humour and animation. When not prancing around, they do tend to take themselves off to space to catch up on some nap time…until the next episode of the loony toons!

They will often find the most unusual places to nap such as the sink! Saki likes to give nose kisses, depending on his mood you might get a love bite too. Barbie tends to gobble up all her food and then go in for Saki’s too so best to feed them slightly separated from one another so controlling food times would be essential.

While the kitties are not destructive, they are super curious and want to get into everything so a family that is prepared to catify the home would be desirable. They wouldn’t do well in a small space as they do like to run around after one another best of the day. A home with a catio would be preferred as they’d love to explore some outdoors – but they are not streetwise at all.

Kids: 12+

Indoor Only

Other cats: They are in a multi-cat foster home at the moment, easily introduced providing the resident cats are non confrontational.

Dogs: Yes – careful introductions would be essential and a cat-friendly dog. They are currently in a foster home with a docile dog.

Food: they are on a combination of dry kibbles and wet food. The dry food is free-fed and the wet food is shared between them in the AM or PM. They usually have a lunchtime snack – dreamies of course. They are on a combination of Royal Canine Calm and Taste of the Wild dry food. Wet food, they are on Royal Canine Instinctive and Thrive.

Rescue Story: Saki was rescued first in a community, found distressed and disorientated, he was rescued by kind caregivers that placed him in a multi-cat foster home. Soon after, Barbie was found as a tiny 6-week old kitten crying at any bystander walking past and was also rescued and placed in the same foster where they became bonded.

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