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Toe Nibbler

3 yrs. spayed female


Scotland (can be transported anywhere in UK)

If Stella could talk, she’d say “wiggle your toes, so I can bite them!”. Instead, she’ll have a nibble when you’re not watching! She’s a sweet little soul who wants to be close to her favourite hooman and wants to interact. She’s very talkative with the cutest trills and chirps. She’s feeling lonely since her friend Gigi was lucky to be adopted in England, but she’s waiting for her turn to soon join a family who will love all her quirks. INDOOR ONLY.

Suitable to a home without children, but she’d love the company of other animals to interact with. Read on to read Stella’s full rescue story and her personality.

Stella is a sweet little lady who's lived on Dubai street for most of her life until she (along with another cat called Gigi) turned up on the doorstep of a Rescuer. Lucky for her and Gigi, they were taken in and taken to the vet for a full check and trained to be the best house cats. Gigi has since found a home in England, but Stella is feeling a little lonely and looking forward to joining a family/person who will never turn their back on her and appreciate all her little quirks.

Stella is like a Casper shaped shadow who craves human attention, she loves to stay by your side. If you make eye contact with her, she'll give you a little chirp and wink

She's always been a super gentle loving little lady and will make a great addition to your home. Being a calm and relaxed cat, she would be suited to a home that is calm and relaxed (she wouldn’t do well with children).

When she needs her beauty naps, she will go off to find a sunspot for hours of snoozing. She has a cheeky side to her when she wants to play and sometimes can be quite energetic and over-stimulation can bring on some kicking and nipping of the hands – anyone not experienced with cats may mistake these “love-bites” for aggression but be assured this little beauty doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body!

Your bedtime is also Stella’s bedtime, she is well trained to settle through to the morning. She will seek out all the warm spots on and around her hooman – you’ll welcome Stella’s healing purrs as you fall asleep.

Kids: No, unless older.

Other cats: Stella would welcome the company of other felines. Gigi’s personality over-powered Stella and he took all the limelight away from her. Ideally, the other felines will need to be non-confrontational and as relaxed as Stella. She would blossom in a home with a more submissive cat to her or join a home that would be open to adopting another cat down the line.

Dogs: We have not seen Stella with dogs but suspect a home with a cat-friendly dog would be fine – careful introductions are essential.

Food: Royal Canine Indoor Dry food is available throughout the day for Stella to graze on. Sheba tuna wet food twice a day (half a tin AM/PM).

Litter: Crystal litter, covered litter box.

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