The Lyrical Gangster

3 yrs old neutered male



Thomas is a kitten in a fully grown body. He needs a lot of reassurance from his hoomans around him and will be sure to show you that he loves you back. He likes to be entertained but we think he loves his nap times more. He is super chatty so be prepared to be asked about what you had for lunch when you get back from work. He’s the sort of cat that would want his hoomans to sit with him when he’s eating dinner, a seat at the table would be fabulous!

He loves to take a nap on his favourite sofa and joins his hoomans in bed too…so budge up and make space for Thomas. He’s a bit of a TV junkie just like most teenagers his age, he loves to watch videos of mice, just like the cat in cartoon anime!

Thomas will need his hooman to reassure him he is loved and once he settles, which doesn’t take long, he will be wanting all the snuggles with you and on you. He loves to play with his toy mice and will bring them to you as a gift, don’t forget to reward him for it!

Any sudden movements can scare Thomas and may provoke a hiss and a bite, but this happens without intent, we suspect this could have been from a traumatic past experience which he hasn’t quite moved on from. He prefers not to be picked up, so do respect his boundaries. However, there is potential for him to fully bond with someone who’s never going to abandon him again. He will let it be known when he wants attention in his meows that only last for as long as you don’t pay him attention.

Thomas would be suited for a mature couple or a single household that is calm and have a lot of time for him. He is often cautious of loud noises, so absolutely no children or too much coming and goings around him.

Kids: No

Indoor Only

Other cats: No

Dogs: No

Food: In the morning, he gets his dry food topped up and throughout the day, he finishes his wet food. For drinks, freshwater is his daily drink. We also give him Dreamy treats and he loves them!

Rescue Story: Thomas was found abandoned in a community in Dubai, obviously a housecat he was placed in a home by his original rescuers that didn’t carry out a thorough due diligence process. Only then a few months later be abandoned again because they had to leave the country; something that happens all too often in a transitional place like Dubai. He was once again picked up by kind-hearted rescuers that then placed him in a foster home and unfortunately, due to no fault of his own he has been moved around from one foster home to another. The next home needs to be his final stop as he’s been let down that one too many times.

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