Love bug and Zen hug-master

6.5 yrs. neutered male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Tito is a very affectionate, confident and people oriented cat. For Tito there is no such thing as too much people time or being too close to his family – he is basically the Labrador of the cat world!

Tito will happily spend hours sitting on laps, or sitting curled up, around or beside you. He is very loyal to his family and will follow you from room to room just to be near you. He LOVEs to lounge around close to his owners and purr and purr and purr. He shows his contentment by rolling on to his back with his paws in the air and is one of the rare cats who doesn’t mind having his tummy tickled.

Tito is also playful, funny and talkative. He will even play fetch for up to half a dozen iterations until he gets bored! Tito is also a very clever cat, and can open doors. His current family have sometimes to resort to locking doors when necessary to keep him in or out of different rooms.

Tito is a fully trained house cat but he is allowed to roam outside for a couple of hours each day in the morning which he really enjoys. His natural Zen personality and love for his family means that he does not go very far, and often he does not even leave the property. He loves to bask in the sun in the flower bed, or on the roof of the car port.

He has very few bad habits, although he does love a good roll in the flower bed and will come in looking more like Pigpen from Peanuts rather than the sleek ginger and white Mau he is. A scratch post would be essential for him – he does like a good scratch. Otherwise he is not destructive, although cardboard boxes beware! He is not afraid of much, except water. He hates being sprayed with water. The merest drop of water accidently splashed on him sends of scurrying off and grumbling.

Finally, he is very large – partly due to his natural size, which is considerable, but also because he is greedy. We have to be careful how to feed him. He is a master of ‘pester power’ when it comes to begging for snacks. We have stopped feeding him Dreamies, much to his disappointment!

Anyone living near main roads/train tracks shouldn’t apply, as there will be very careful location checks carried out before the adoption is agreed upon.

Other cats: He is used to living with one other cat but is very dominant so any other cats would have to be introduced very carefully. He will definitely be the boss cat of any household

Dogs: Not tried, he lives in a cat only household. But possibly as he’s very large and confident so may be OK with a smaller dog or a dog that is used to cats

Kids: Yes would most likely do well with children who are experienced with cats due to his confident and affectionate nature although he lives in an adult only household at the present. For Tito there is no such thing as too much attention and he would likely lap up the attention children would give him.

Food: As mentioned above Tito is a greedy cat and we have had to start feeding him on a metered diet of Royal Canin Light Weight with occasionally a sprinkle of Acana Indoor Entrée or some dried Thrive tuna or fish chunks. He LOVEs Dreamies…of course and this is a great way to get his attention when needed! However, as mentioned you have to be careful about this due to his ‘pester power’ and weight management.

Routine: He is let out in the morning for his daily walk at around 7.30-8 am and is usually back home and ready for a siesta by 10am although he would probably also enjoy more outdoor time during the day under the right circumstances. All our cats are kept in overnight for their safety. This routine is repeated every day, he is used to it and happy with it.

Rescue Story:

As a small kitten Tito was rescued, from outside the Gold Souk in Bur Dubai, close to death from dehydration and starvation and unable even to walk. He was taken to a vet by a good kitty-Samaritan where he was cared for and taught how to walk and nursed to full good health. The vets loved him, but they took him to adoption days where his current ‘mum’ met him in the midst of all the meowing and unsettled kitties there was Tito lying calmly in a cage looking up at her with his confident and lovely golden eyes – it was love at first sight. Unfortunately due to changing circumstances and relocation his current family have had to put Tito up for adoption.

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